Andy Bowersox

Meet Our Director

Andy Bowesox

Andy Bowersox is one of the founders of this ministry and has served as our Executive Director since 2009. Known as a friend to all, he is gifted at reaching others with encouragement and facilitating unique experiences for them. He devotes his time to developing new and creative ways to encourage and support our spiritual leaders, and inspiring others to do the same. He likes coffee, has an insatiable appetite for adventure, and is passionate about about caring for those who share the gospel and spend their lives spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. His dedication to this ministry is evidence of that God given passion.

Andy is married to Elizabeth and they have three beautiful children, Jake, Allie, and Sophie. Together they enjoy traveling, spending time at the lake, visiting with friends and family, and always trying new restaurants!

Andy is accountable to our Board of Directors which includes local pastors and business leaders. He is responsible for upholding our vision, overseeing our retreats and all day to day operations of this ministry.